ASA President’s Letter

August 2018

Dear ASA Members,

As many of you know, the three pillars of our Association are advocacy, education, and networking. This edition of The Contractor’s Compass takes us back to “school” to continue our learning about several topics, such as Lean construction, employee training and development, E-Verify, OSHA inspections, and the dangers of distracted driving.

You may not have thought about it before, but we don’t typically call The Contractor’s Compass a magazine. We call it an educational journal. Each month, The Contractor’s Compass provides continued education on topics of most interest to you. ASA staff hand select experts from the construction industry to write feature articles and the Legally Speaking column to give you advice and tips, or simply broaden your knowledge about a particular subject.

The Contractor’s Compass now has its own Web site:, where reading articles may be easier on the eyes. The publication is still accessible via the ASA Web site,, and is still available as a pdf for those who wish to print it out, and as a digital flip-book for those who prefer to read it as a virtual publication.

Another way ASA provides continued education on subcontracting topics and issues is through education webinars. ASA recently announced its 2018-19 Webinar Series. Previously, ASA offered webinars in August through May, but this year we’ll have a webinar each month, from August through August.

Webinars will focus on marijuana use laws and restrictions, electronic takeoff software solutions, group captive insurance, improving communications between GCs and subcontractors, improving the change order process, work-in-progress reporting, the best and worst construction legal decisions of 2018, Lean construction, avoiding predatory wrap-ups, corporate and individual tax planning, human resources basics for small businesses, emerging technologies, and the skilled trades shortage.

To register for ASA webinars, click on “Register for an Event” on the ASA Web site,

The third way ASA provides continuing business education is at ASA’s annual convention, SUBExcel. SUBExcel 2019 will take place March 6-9, 2019, in Nashville, Tenn. ASA staff are already hard at work scheduling top-notch speakers and planning another terrific event. Please save the dates and plan to join us in Nashville. Online registration via is expected to be available in September or October.

ASA is committed to providing you with the education opportunities you need to stay ahead of the curve. If you have ideas for future education webinars or workshops, I welcome your suggestions.

Best Regards,

Courtney Little

2018-19 President

American Subcontractors Association


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